nani IRO sewing book - ATELIER to nani IRO kisetsu wo matou ichinen no Fuku by Naomi Ito



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ATELIER to nani IRO kisetsu wo matou ichinen no Fuku by Naomi Ito

ATELIER to nani IRO 季節をまとう一年の服

The long-awaited second ATELIER to nani IRO sewing pattern book includes 18 garments to make.
Suitable for year-round sewing.

Sizes : S,M, L, 2L

S : bust 76-82cm, waist 60-66cm, hip 83-90cm
M : bust 79-90cm, waist 64-70cm, hip 87-95cm
L : bust 86-92cm, waist 70-75cm, hip 93-101cm
2L : bust 92-100cm, waist 75-85cm, hip 98-105cm

Language : JAPANESE
Full size pattern sheets. The patterns are printed on two full-sized sheets and each pattern can be traced from there.
Paperback, 94 pages.
Published by Bunkashuppan

All images © Miss Matatabi


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