Shokunin Collection Azumadaki 122 - off white

Azumadaki cotton. 100% cotton.


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Azumadaki embroidered organic cotton.
85% organic cotton, 15% linen.
Weight : 166gsm.

This fabric is part of our Shokunin Collection textile series. Made in Tokyo by skilled artisans using a time-consuming process in a small family-owned dye factory.

In the Edo period, there was a dyeing technique called "Kama-ire." While small-scale compared to today's mass production, fabric was dyed back then by placing it into an iron pot modelled after the largest bathtub of the time, the Goemonburo, and stirring it with a stick. This method has been modernized in a dye factory in Tokyo's downtown area and is now known as Azumadaki.

Azumadaki is processed in small vats. The beauty of using a small vat is the fabrics get well-kneaded, and as it hits the walls of the vat, the stiffness of the fabric is removed, leaving it extremely soft and relaxed. The fabric is kneaded and shrinks, creating a unique, relaxed texture, making it perfect for clothing. This process is fundamental to what makes Azumadaki unique.

Width: 120cm (47")

All images © Miss Matatabi

1 = 50cm x 120cm, 19″ x 47″
2 = 100cm x 120cm, 39″ x 47″
3 = 150cm x 120cm, 59″ x 47″
4 = 200cm x 120cm, 78″ x 47″
5 = 250cm x 120cm, 98″ x 47″
6 = 300cm x 120cm, 118″ x 47″

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