Miss Matatabi

Miss Matatabi is a family-owned online fabric store specializing in modern Japanese fabrics, run by husband and wife Frances and Yoshihiro. We have a carefully handpicked selection of gorgeous Japanese textiles and take joy in being able to share not only the most popular Japanese textile brands such as nani IRO, Kokka, Yuwa, Kei, but also unique and hard to find fabrics of the highest quality.

A message from Frances

Having lived in Japan for more than 12 years I have developed a deep appreciation for Japanese craft and design aesthetic and love that handmade is still a valued part of Japanese culture. As a maker, as well as a store owner, taking time to source textiles I not only think you will love but that I also adore to sew with is one of the best parts of my work day. I'm honoured to be able to connect with so many interesting and kind people from all over the world through a shared love of textiles. Thank you for taking the time to visit our store. It means the world! - Frances.

Store Miss Matatabi
Owners Frances Arikawa, Yoshihiro Arikawa
Location Masugata 2-7-17 1F, Tama-ku, Kawasaki, 214-0032, Kanagawa, Japan
Office Hours Monday - Friday
*Our online shop is open 24hours 7days a week
Contact http://shop.missmatatabi.com/pages/contact-us