Japanese Banshu Hamono Nigiri Hasami Thread Snip Scissors - rose gold - 105mm

Hand forged thread cutters


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Banshu Hamono 101 / Nigiri Basami

Hand forged thread cutters by Banshu Hamono

Each item comes in a Banshu Hamono box wrapped in an original piece of fabric made in the Banshu region.
Please note the fabric may differ from that in the photo.

This tool is perfect for cutting threads and fabrics in detailed or small parts.

Osami Mizuike who lives and works in Ono, a city in the Banshu region in the Hyogo prefecture, is now the only veteran craftsman in Japan who can make the grip scissors by hand-forging a stick of iron and a pair of small steel. Unlike metal mold casting, the craftsman can make the scissors in any size and shape with this hand-forging process. In 2015, Kenshi Terasaki joined him to become an apprentice to inherit his skills, and he has been training Mr Terasaki since then.

Japanese high-carbon steel is used for the blade, which makes it sharp and wear-resistant. These scissors are made of Aogami (blue steel), a type of top-quality steel (Yasugi Specialty Steel, or YSS) produced by Hitachi Metal, and is stronger and more wear-resistant than other types of steel.


What is Banshu Hamono?

Banshu Hamono is a brand of blades, scissors and knives that are produced in the Banshu region in Hyogo prefecture, the oldest region where the blacksmith industry began in Japan. The industry has grown over time along with the country’s industrial development and has produced a variety of items to meet the demand. The region is also known as being the oldest region where household items were commercialized, dating back to the Edo era in the 18th century. A wide range of scissors is one of the features of Banshu Hamono that is unique to the region.

The blacksmith industry in the Banshu region, which was back then known as Harima, was said to have started as early as the sixteenth century. By 1532, a type of steel called Chigusa-hagane was developed in the region, which indicates that the region was already home to a bustling blacksmith industry. Chigusa-hagane later became tama-hagane, a type of steel that is famously known for being used to make a katana, or Japanese sword. The technic of making hagane (steel that is used for blades) had spread from the Banshu region to the other parts of Japan. Some of those other regions are still known for making blades today.

Each piece of Banshu Hamono is meticulously handmade by skilled craftsmen. By sharpening regularly, it can be used for a long time.

Images 1-4 © Miss Matatabi

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